Best Western Hotel Nobis Asten

“Celebrating 25 years of experience”

In 1988 the Loverbosch family took the bold initiative to transform the farmland neighboring the hightway A67 into ‘hotel restaurant area’; a motel with 25 rooms, a trucker restaurant and a large parking lot. Here began a dream that beacame reality by using strong hands, determination and common sense. Hotel Nobis has become a successful four-star hotel with 120 rooms, a inpanding fitness and wellness center, an indoor pool, a brasserie, a bar, a large outdoor terrace and 6 meeting / banquet facilities.

In 2016, Best Western Hotel Nobis Asten celebrated its 25th anniversary. After all these years the hotel is still run with love by the Loverbosch family. The second generation has taken over the reins of the first generation Loverbosch, and even the third generation is already settled around the building. In these 25 years the family has built, innovated and grown. Hotel Nobis is since 2002 member of the international chain ‘Best Western’ and carries since then the name “Best Western Hotel Nobis Asten. This action has put the small village of Asten on the map of many travelers around the world.  In 2016, the last renovation took place; The lobby and public restrooms are completely modernized.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Best Western Hotel Nobis Asten made a ‘glossy’ about the hotel and its secret weapon: the team behind Best Western Hotel Nobis that makes Hotel Nobis is what it is today: A place where real Brabant hospitality is experienced and guests leave with a big smile on their faces. The glossy is only in Dutch, but you can open it here: