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Explore the ‘Peel’

The Groote Peel National Park

The Groote Peel National Park and the outdoor centre ‘De Pelen’ are within walking and cycling distance of Best Western Hotel Nobis Asten. Via the village of Heusden you cycle in 15 minutes to the heart of the Groote Peel National Park. Do you prefer learning about history or nature? Outdoor centre ‘De Pelen’ offers various activities and excursions for young and old. Check the agenda here: Even without activity there is plenty to experience in De Peel. You can take a ride or cycle through the terrain which is varied with inaccessible peat swamps, lakes, heath land, birches, open plains, and sand ridges. It’s a true paradise for nature lovers, cyclists and hikers. The tranquillity of the Groote Peel also attracts more than a hundred species of breeding birds and migratory birds.

Museum ‘Klok en Peel’

Museum ‘Klok & Peel’ shows you in a unique way how De Peel has developed over the past ten thousand years. The nature and cultural history has been portrayed in a beautiful way. The Clock and Carillon Collection at the Museum ‘Klok & Peel’ is of international significance. Top pieces are: mechanical playing drum of the seventeenth-century Hattemer carillon and the astronomical timepieces.