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Restaurant packages

Specially composed: delicious and complete

We have wonderful packages in our cosy restaurant ‘Brasserie de Stegen’ served with the tastiest dishes. The packages are very complete and affordable! Or what about special arrangements like, outing with friends a family party, company outing or a weekend away with friends or another type of group? These packages make a fun day together complete.

Beer tasting

Want to learn more about barley? Choose this super fun beer tasting and learn something about the tasting techniques, tasting and describing beer. Decorated with interesting anecdotes and useful facts about beer; an educational outing!

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High beer

Welcome to the world of hops, barley and malt! With 3 rounds of beer, and matching hearty food! First a La Trappe Isid'or with chicken bites, steamed pulled pork sandwiches and butterfly shrimps. Then a Duvel with spare ribs 'smokey BBQ', French fries and onion rings. 

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High wine

Enjoy to the full! A wine tasting where you make a choice an assortment of 8 sublime wines. We serve by the glass both savoury and sweet snacks. It’s a pure indulgence for every group.

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Lunch board ‘Asten’

A delicious lunch to enjoy together! Our kitchen regularly puts together a varied board with dishes. And always with fresh bread, sandwiches and, egg, meat and fish dishes. Plus a fresh salad and a seasonal soup. Look for the composition of this season's lunch board on the menu.

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Sharing dinner; tasty flavors

A dish with tasty flavors for sharing together. Our chef brings the finest ingredients of each season together for this dish full of taste. All dishes are as fresh as can be with a marvelous taste.

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Delicious High tea

Like to enjoy sweet and savory snacks together with the finest tea flavors for hours? A 'Delicious high tea' package at Best Western Hotel Nobis restaurant 'Brasserie De Stegen' is a fine opportunity to catch up with family, friends or collegae's.

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Summer drinks package 2,5h

Enjoy delicious drinks together, with bites! Enjoy tasty snacks and drinks all-in for 2,5 hours with friends. Book the Summer drinks package at Brasserie De Stegen.

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Summer drinks package Deluxe

Enjoy different mixed drinks and specialty beers with the Summer drinks package Deluxe! 2.5 hours with friends enjoying luxury snacks and drinks at Brasserie De Stegen.

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