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High wine

High Wine | € 18.95 – € 21.95

Enjoy to the full! A wine tasting where you make a choice an assortment of 8 sublime wines. We serve by the glass both savoury and sweet snacks. It’s a pure indulgence for every group.  You can choose High Wine De Luxury; with luxury snacks. Or High Wine Hap; a combination of wine tasting with a good number of small dishes. Uncork the cosiness!

Package details

High Wine Hap | 18.95
3 wines
creamy courgette soup with smoked salmon
savory snacks
serrano ham with crostini and red onion compote

goat cheese au gratin on bagette with honey
baked prawns with beurre blanc
sweets: brownies, muffins, profiteroles, oesjes, bonbons and mini crème brûlée

High Wine Deluxe | 21.95
3 wines
salmon carpaccio with aragula and honey mustard dressing
tenderloin dots with a bearnaise sauce on steamed leek
crème brûlée traditionelle